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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Call now on 0414 188 971

Locksmith Products & Brands

We use only the most reliable locksmith products and leading brands and can source these at a lower cost to save you money (and a trip to Bunnings).

Keys & Restricted Keys

A full range of quality key blanks in assorted colours. We also stock restricted keys for master key systems.

Door Locks

From deadbolts and lockable door knobs and lever handles to door accessories such as door stops, seals, security grills and peephole viewers.

Window Locks

We stock a full range of window lock hardware allowing all type of windows to be secured even when slightly ajar.

Padlocks & Chains

We stock robust padlocks with secure designs to prevent cutting or bolt cutters. We can also source hardened chain matching your needs.

Smart Locks

State-of-the-art technology locking solutions with remote locking capability and managing multi-user access via your mobile phone. Great for Airbnb hosts!

Access control devices

Door closers, electronic security latches and hardware to meet standards for emergency exits.

Letter boxes

Our recommended letterboxes keep your mailbox and valuable correspondence secure from thieves and weather.


Had a change of key staff members? We can open or change combinations to ensure the right people can maintain access to sensitive documents or valuables.

Screen & Sliding door hardware

Specific locks for securing glass sliding doors from latches to floor or ceiling deadbolts.